Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates: Change

"Change always comes bearing gifts" -Price Pritchett

(Gorgeous, right? It's a fall- almost winter sky. I love it!)

Change is all around us... expect the unexpected, right? Speaking of changes, I thought it would be good to give some updates on some past posts...

I've had my Clarisonic now for well over month and I use it twice daily. In the morning and at night. I can see a BIG difference in my skin. I also stopped taking High Lignan Flaxseed Complex. For a while I was taking 6/ day and then it went to 0/ day- my body didn't want them any more (we know this via kinesiology/muscle testing). Now my body says I could take 3/ day and still I am not taking them. The Clarisonic definitely keeps the chin area acne free, as well as the rest of my face. I can't say I don't get any zits, but I can say if I do they are smaller and they go away almost overnight. My skin feels fresher, cleaner and healthier. I HIGHLY recommend.

(Fall Folliage here in Brooklyn at the Botanical Garden)

In regards to LIVCO and LIVTON- the supplements (herbal) by Standard Process I have been taking for quite some time (approximately over 2 years) for my liver and gallbladder... I am now only taking one of each per day. This was a long time and coming and I was jumping for joy. My doctor believes in slower detoxes (not harsh on the body + alleviates shocking the organs) and he told me one day I wouldn't need them. I only take what the body wants and over time it has bounced between 3- 8/ day- so you can imagine my joy when I received this news.

(More lovely colors at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden)

I finally purchased some Liquid Stevia and made some chocolate "mylk". It was good. Less sweet, but quite satisfying. Recipe: spring water, cashews, cacao, liquid stevia. When I received the stevia my first thought was- "shoot I should have bought another bottle", but it's strong and you don't need much at all. Stevia, definitely is an acquired taste- however in the chocolate mylk I found it not to be as noticeable. For important reasons why stevia vs agave- click HERE.

Lastly, I have been eating more organic grass fed dairy of late... mainly butter and some cheese. I feel fine so far. I think eating a diet with more animal fats is quite helpful. I don't crave sweets so much.

And remember to roll with the punches. Life can be full or empty. It's your choice how you look at it.

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