Thursday, July 2, 2009

Agave: A Triumph of Marketing over Truth

(A gorgeous agave plant- but is it good for you?)

A friend shared an eye opening and well written article on Agave, by Dr. Mercola. Please check it out HERE- it's a MUST read. Really interesting information.

(Various Agave Nectars. Wanted to share a visual in case you haven't seen "agave sweetner".
I have used both brands.)

I have been a fan of agave and personally like the taste better than stevia- and now I know why. My doctor, who I refer to allot is not a fan of sweeteners in general, because it spikes your blood sugar, which increases your insulin and this can lead to other damage to the body. In general, "sugars" are not good for us.
(It took a while to get through this box- it's not bad but an acquired taste)

Knowing this, I still do indulge from time to time and I will still be using agave... for now at least as I just recently stocked up. It should be noted eating large quantities of fruit can have the same effect, even though fruit is good for you- it has lots of "sugar".

Some substitutes you can use- aside from stevia, are xylitol, vegetable glycerin (I found this at Whole Foods), and honey- these have a lower glycemic level. My suggestion is to be conscious of how much "sweet" you are indulging in. Moderation is key.

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