Sunday, September 12, 2010

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Some of the most sought-after internships this summer weren’t on Capitol Hill or in the Vogue fashion closet. They were on farms. If you hadn’t applied by the end of the spring, you could forget about it. Ag-department graduates, career-changers and cooks looking to deepen their knowledge of ingredients are among those who have been turning to farmers to show them how to plow their trade. For months they live in group housing — even tents — working long hours for little or no pay beyond all-you-can-eat produce. It’s a cross between Michael Pollan summer school and Barbara Kingsolver boot camp.

Back to Basis Good Food Festival September 19, 2010
Get your tickets! 30 Project, Just Food and The Meatpacking District Initiative are all part of this wonderful project. The festival will feature traditional, localized, 100% traceable food from 30 family farmers and local top chefs. In the evening, farmers, chefs and a select group of ticket holders will come together for a seasonal, farm-to-table dinner to celebrate good food. Ticket proceeds will benefit The Feed Foundation’s 30 Project and Just Food.

They make it looks so easy! But rough and tough is more like it. Cute article in the NYT on Gotham Girls Roller Derby. If you haven't already or even if you have you might want to go check a game out . I wrote a post about them HERE. It was loads of fun!

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