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More Tracy Anderson: Inspiration From W, Cosmo + Abs- Get A V

(Rosen's before and after. Photo: Jennifer Livingston)

Many have been utilizing my reviews on Tracy's Perfect Design Series I, II, and III, and I know if you are sticking with it you are achieving some nice results. I have more Tracy Anderson to share with you- yah! Does the image above inspire you? I think it's some really good inspiration to stick with it.

(Tracy Anderson, left with W's Jaime Rosen)

The first is from W Magazine... which came out last year in May. I thought I shared previously, but didn't. In case you haven't seen it, a W editor, Jaime Rosen, was assigned to find out: Can you really change your God-given shape? Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson says yes. Sixty-three house of sweat equity later, Rosen's a believer. Full article can be found HERE, some tidbits below.

Anderson is convinced that after seven weeks of 90-minutes-a-day, six-days-a-week workouts with her, I'll be a different person.

Anderson’s approach, in a nutshell, is about targeting what she calls the “accessory muscles” that line large muscle groups like biceps and quadriceps to achieve an effect that makes your limbs lean and your body teeny-tiny. “They’re the beauty muscles,” she says. Anderson perks them up with “thousands and thousands” of moves that get progressively more difficult to perform.

She claims that, with these moves, she's re-engineering my body by pulling muscle closer to the bone and bringing fat to the surface (where, she says, cardio can eliminate it more easily), but Jordan Metzel, sports medicine physician for the Radio City Rockettes, is skeptical. "You can definitely change your fat-to-muscle ratio,"he says. "But the body is built in layers that are fixed. It's not like quicksand."

(Jaime's Before, After and change in measurement)

In time, I get used to the tough workouts—but never the complications that come with them: the attendant travel time, the gym bag stuffed with carefully preportioned meals and cosmetics, the inability to schedule breakfast meetings. Then again, the changes I see almost immediately are motivating: major arm and ab definition, a shocking flattening at the top of my chest and the sudden absence of “armpit fat.” Friends and coworkers comment that I look narrower and that my butt is lifted (according to the measurements, it really did shape-shift, clocking in at four inches higher). Though the numbers on the scale don’t change drastically (from 127 to 123), the measurements are astonishing—10 different calculations that add up to a loss of 40.5 inches.

(Photo: Jennifer Livingston)

I end the experience feeling triumphant, but aware of a cruel reality: In order to improve and then maintain my results, I must continue, forever and ever. “That’s the trickery of it,” Anderson says. If I stop now, she warns, the lifted and toned limbs will be back to blah in two weeks.

The second is from Cosmo Magazine... Apparently each month Tracy has a page sharing some new tips. I prefer the videos but these might be helpful to get you started or while on holiday. You can find all of them to date for a free download HERE.

The last is a video from one of Anderson's Method trainers, Anna, who shows you quickly how to work your abs into a V.

Lastly, I want to be clear that I am not saying everyone should look like or even aspire to be Tracy Anderson. However, as Rosen attested, prior to Anderson getting her in shape she was working out 1 day a month- doing yoga. That is not exercise. It is not healthy either. Find a good balance and some inspiration that works for you. Right now Tracy Anderson works for me.


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