Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series I, II + III

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I have finally received and reviewed Tracy Anderson's latest dvds- Perfect Design Series: Sequence I, II, & III, and they are really fantastic! Very stylized and lots of new moves.

"You have to do the work.
It is possible to become the best you,
and achieve perfection"

I have and love her prior set of dvds. Most of my work with her prior is via the mat workout. I do cardio dance via classes at my gym. I was unsure being that I have been doing her routine for over a year now if I needed to get the PDS Sequence I, but I am glad I did. For those of you who own her mat dvd you will love these new moves.

The great thing about these dvds is there is more instruction. I know a common complain with the other one was that Tracy didn't always tell you what she was doing. If you were just starting out or if you like more instruction, it could be hard to follow along. I personally didn't mind less instruction, because after doing the workout enough times- you have it memorized. In this series you can select to have her voice-over and music on, music off and voice-over off. I like this music better- cool beats and no singing. Below is my review of each one. Please note any times listed are approximations.

"I'm all about every single movement having a result for it"

Perfect Design Series I
Beginning: I love all the additional leg work.

You need: yoga mat Optional: towel for your knee
- Quick warm-up- 5 minutes
- Floor leg work out- 22 minutes
- Abs on floor + Standing Abs- 10 minutes
- Standing Arms
- Balance
- Legs
- Arms + Ribs
- Cool down: one part proves to be a little difficult since your head is to the ground, making it hard to follow but after watching it a few times I think you'll pick it up.

Perfect Design Series II
Intermediate: More challenging + complicated than Series I, but definitely not impossible.

You need: a chair (no arms) and yoga mat. Optional: towel for your knee
- Quick warm-up
- Lots of leg work using the chair mostly. Some floor leg work.
- Abs + legs using a chair
- Standing Abs (arms, ribs + hips)
- Cool down

Perfect Design Series III
Advanced: Goes faster. Precise with multiple movements in each move. The voice-over doesn't say what she is doing all the time. By this time though, I think you are expected to be quick and able to keep up.

You need: a chair (no arms) and yoga mat.
- Quick warm-up
- Leg work using the chair.
- Leg work no chair.
- Floor Abs
- Standing abs + arms together.
- Stretching

Overall, I think these videos are a great addition, and very glad I purchased all three. Each is about 50 minutes in length. This series does not cover the arms as much (ie no weight arms), and if a target area for you- you may want to get her mat dvd. Everything else though is covered really well. I will need to get a chair, but am definitely looking forward to mixing it up. Have fun!

* All quotes in this post are from Tracy Anderson.

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