Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tracy Anderson's Perfect Design Series

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If you haven't tried Tracy Anderson's workouts yet- you should. She has a new 3 series disk set, the "Perfect Design Series"- out Feb 5th, which I am very excited to get my hands on. You can also purchase individually. I am not sure what each disk entails just yet, but will keep you posted.

If you aren't ready to commit to purchasing her DVD's there are plenty of YouTube videos, which will give you a good overview of her movements and routines. I think you would be happy with the results.

I received a comment the other day... "You should know that it is very difficult for women to bulk up, unless you are supplementing with illegal doses of steroids. Tracy is right about mixing it up and seeing results, however, it is a misconception that you could bulk up from running on a treadmill."

I haven't personally chatted with Ms. Anderson, and I am not picking on this comment, but I want to explain from doing her workouts- I don't believe she is saying you will bulk up from running on a treadmill for example. Her whole goal aside from using larger muscle groups is to work the small ones- your "accessory muscles" - which help to pull in the larger muscle groups giving you more definition- a goal I know many women are trying to achieve, and most workouts don't accomplish. I think it's more of if you only run on a treadmill you may not get the definition you are looking for because you are not working your accessory muscles. Personally, I have quite a few female friends who tell me they bulk up quite quickly and they need to be careful.

I have been regularly doing Anderson's first mat video along with cardio dance classes at my gym and loving my results (I still do the eliptical from time to time as well). I am of a thinner build and never had a "weight"problem, but my thighs (at least according to me) have been on the more muscular/thicker side, and Anderson's workout makes them look and feel smaller and more defined.

Here is another video promo overview for you to check out. Yah for working those accessory muscles. :)

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