Friday, September 25, 2009

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, Long Island NY

(How gorgeous is this? It was WOW!)

Spontaneously, we went to Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park in Long Island, NY... and it happened to be a gorgeous day. If you have never been I definitely suggest checking it out. Make a day of it. The next time we plan to bring a blanket and have a picnic.

(Look who's in the green house...)

Planting fields boasts 409 acres of lawns, gardens, greenhouses, and woodlands that offer a spectacular array of horticultural treasures. The grounds were lush and spread out- full of big old happy trees and really beautiful flowers. It was pretty and perfect.

(No this is not a bush. It is one big tree!)

(There were many Korean Dogwood trees)

(Many lovely flowers)

(Not sure of the name, but I liked the leaves minus it's prickly stems)

(Forgot the name here too, but this is similar to my fav plant that reminds me of Bali)

We didn't have a chance to make it to this, but they are having an exhibition:,"Chocolate: A Dip into History", which runs through September 30th. Check it out HERE. It's another good reason to go soon. For more information on Planting Fields please visit them at

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