Saturday, September 19, 2009

Skip the Vaccinations

(It's funny + true)

Have you noticed all the hype lately about the swine flu vaccination? I guess Dr. Oz was on Oprah telling people they should get it. Geeeeeez! I believe for the most part he tries to give people easier stepping stones to get "healthier", but he definitely lost some big points with that endorsement. Obama has now endorsed it as well (quite disappointing!). I just really wonder if his kids will receive this vaccination. Look at who is going to profit from the whole thing. DO your due diligence.

There is plenty of information out there from MANY good sources why you shouldn't get the swine flu vaccination- and any vaccinations for that matter. Some of it is this post, but look for it and please share with others.

Don't by into the fear. Educate yourself. There was a BIG swine flu scare back in 1976. 60 Minutes/Mike Wallace did a REALLY good job investigating the whole thing as many people became ill - and it wasn't from swine flu. It was from the vaccination. I wish they would re-run it as the picture it not so clear (and it would help others to think twice), but it's message is the same: YOU DO NOT NEED THE FLU SHOT.

(60 Mintues Part 1)

(60 Minutes Part 2 + at end shows propaganda the government used)

Another good site you should check out is from Dr. Mercola- he has a video on what to do if you are forced to take the vaccine HERE. On a side note- a friend recently disregarded an opinion/person because they sold a product. I bring this up because Dr. Mercola like many others do these days- he sells some products. I understand being weary of those trying to "sell" you things, but only really if you are required to buy something. My advice is to listen to what they have to say. If you don't like what they say and if you don't want the product- don't buy it!

(Do you believe Cocoa Krispies will help your immunity?
Then why would you think vaccinations work? They both say they will.
Do the research!)

I know it may be an odd feeling or you might have an adverse WTF reaction when someone says "vaccinations are not good for you"- especially after we've been taught since birth how they've saved us from many harmful diseases. One of those "harmful" diseases where it seems like vaccinations worked was with Polio. The truth always comes out... apparently it just appeared that way. Polio is now thought to be caused from the exposure of DDT. DDT was used in the springtime to control mosquitoes so it would be sprayed on the fields, where the cows would ingest it and then it would be in the food supply in butter, dairy, icecream, etc. Ironically enough, when the vaccination came out- they also stopped using DDT. Coincidence? Great article HERE.

Here are some sites that tell you what are in vaccinations (heavy metals, poisons, etc- it's crazy!!!):

(Really good Probiotics)

What you can do in the mean time is what you should always do - and that is to take care of yourself. Get sleep, exercise regularly, and eat whole foods mineral and nutrient rich that are free of chemicals, additives and preservatives. You also might want to up your vitamin C and most importantly take probiotics daily! Important fact: 80-85% of your immunity is in your gut! I take Ultra Flora Plus DF by Metagenics and Arabinogalactans by Pure Encapsulations.

(Just say NO!)

God help us all if they FORCE it upon us. I can't imagine that. Please spread the word. We need to educate and support each other and most importantly not buy into the fear.

P.S. Had another thought... don't you think if "swine flu" was really a threat, and they cared about our health and the future of humanity that they would be giving it out for free??? Think about it.

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