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A Sparkly Interview with Alexandra Jaye of MyGoddessLife!

In the magical land of Bali, Indonesia, I was lucky enough to meet Alexandra Jaye, who lovingly bestows her sparkly radiance on all that cross her path. She is of course, a goddesss and the creator of Read on for some sparkly goddess insight and how you can find your radiant goddess self (yes boys- that includes you too!).

1. Define goddess (your definition)
I believe that every woman is a Goddess!! It is s our true nature to be radiant, enchanting, beautiful and powerful! And, I think as individuals we all have our own goddess definition depending on our values and divine essence. I find that these two poems (found HERE and HERE) capture my inner goddess and have a deep resonance for me!

2. How did you find your inner goddess self? or When did you first realize you were a goddess?
Great question. I think I found my inner Goddess through lots of work on myself. As many women have, I struggled with my body image and weight over the years! And, it was a source of great pain for me at one time and then it became a passion of mine. I have spent over a decade studying and learning me. :) I am finding the more I study and embody what I learn the more aware I am of my patterns and ways of being that don’t work for me and I get to transform them. I have transformed the way I relate to my body. Instead of criticizing and complaining, I now appreciate and love this amazingly beautiful miracle, called my body!

I made a commitment to see myself as beautiful, good enough and divine at whatever weight. The reflection in the mirror doesn’t matter as much when I accept myself for who I am. Sure I have my ‘days’ but for the most part I feel sexy & beautiful more times than not when I look in the mirror. Which feels really good!

3. When did you decide to (what made you) or when did you launch
It has been something that has been stirring in my consciousness for a while now! And, I have always found the word Goddess to be an empowering reminder that I am beautiful, enchanting and divine! came from wanting to share my Goddess life. I am such a passionate lover of all things dealing with food, movement, spirituality, healing, creativity, relationships, organic/green movement, and beauty! is an expression of all that I am learning, experiencing and experimenting with in my own life! And, I like to say that I am giving myself a Ph.D. in Goddess Living. I have a whole big plan that will probably take me 10 years to complete, which is awesome because I am so giddy about learning I want to continue learning forever!

I am also passionate about inspiring other women to embrace their own goddess and rock their life in a way that feels most authentic to them!! We as women have such a healing, transforming, nurturing energy that we need to be loving to ourselves and taking time for ourselves so we can inspire, nurture and support the world in transformation!

4. Tell me why everyone is a goddess. Are men goddesses too?
I love to call men Heroes! Heroes and Goddessess!! For me the “goddess” or the “hero” is our highest self. The highest part of us, the most expanded version of ourselves. It us at our most divine state of being! We all have so much potential and when we tap into this higher part of ourselves the world opens up to us and this is where the magic and miracles happen.

A question I always like to ask is…”What would my greatest self do now!?! Or what would my highest self say right now!?! To access this guidance all we need to do is breathe… ask…and trust our intuition to guide us to our greatest lives!

5. When did you get into health? Fitness? Nutrition?
I have been in sports since I was 5. I played every sport growing up, I was one of those kids who did everything. And, in college I played volleyball, which was intense and rigorous. During this time I got really interested in how to optimize my body/mind to increase my performance! And, it has been a passion ever since. I studied fitness and nutrition in college as well, graduating with a degree in Sports & Fitness Management. Then going back to school to receive a massage therapy degree and later competing in fitness shows and becoming a private trainer as well.

I have had struggles with my weight, acne and some digestive issues, so that has been a huge motivator for me as well. When you have a big pimple on your face you suddenly get really interested in how to get rid of it! ;) And, I never really went the medical route. Alternative healing always captured and fascinated me so that is the journey that I began 10 years ago and I am still on it!

Food & Movement have been huge passions of mine - I find them to be amazing vehicles to feel good. When I move and when I eat what my body wants/needs I am high on life-force. And, I find myself being very curious; how good can we feel!?! Is there a limit to how much joy, energy, and vitality that can flow through us!?! I don’t think so, I think we are capable of expanding beyond our wildest dreams. This possibility is what has me keep studying and growing!

6. When did you first come to Bali? Why Bali?
I was with my fiancé in Topanga, Ca and we were feeling like we wanted to be free to move wherever we wanted so we put our stuff in storage and made a list of 15 places all around the world. And, after lots of discussion and feeling into it we chose the magical island of Bali and it was the perfect place. We initially were just going to go for like 3 months and have a mini sabbatical (brought 50 books with us ;) And, a year later we are were still there! We just recently moved to the beautiful Ojai, Ca. Which is becoming my favorite place on earth! Life is good!

7. If someone is feeling down, what suggestions do you have for them to follow to pick their spirit back up?
Move your sexy body! Go to the gym, go for a walk, dance, yoga anything that gets your energy moving! When we are depressed or down we don’t feel like working out but our energy is stuck and we need to get back in the flow. Movement is the number one thing that I recommend people do!

For me playing music and singing and dancing around the house seems to get me out of any funk. And, if you really want to get into it, get a hairbrush (or anything you want for a microphone) and get in your undies and cute tank top or bra and dance and sing in front of the mirror! You can’t help but laugh and play, which will shift your entire mood to one of joy!!

And, I know when I am feeling down, I start to crave unhealthy food choices. Chocolate & chips start to talk to me. ;) When I eat them I only end up feeling worse. So, I would recommend loading up on green vegetables, juices, water and stay away from sugar and processed foods as much as possible.

(Alexandra + Brian)

8. Good books to read for those looking for some enlightenment along the way to finding their inner goddess?
Yay! One of my passions; books! I am such a book addict! There are so many wonderful choices!! And…I happen to know a super cool guy named Brian Johnson (my sexy hero;) who has a rockin website called – like mini CliffsNotes for self-development books. Only shorter. And cooler. And a *lot* more inspiring.

Some of my personal favorite books are:
- You can heal your life by Louise hay
- Ask and It is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks
- Conscious Loving and Conscious Living by Gay and Katie Hendricks
- Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer
- Loving What Is by Byron Katie
- Any book by Paulo Coelo (I loved eleven minutes & the alchemist)
- Take Time for Your Life by Cheryl Richardson
- Transcendent Beauty by Crystal Andrus
- Detox for women by Natalia Rose
- Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
- Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette

The list goes on and on… but that will be good for now! ;)

9. Favorite quote/mantras.
It has to be “Follow your Bliss” by Joseph Campbell. I have carried this quote with me for over 10 years now. I am committed to always follow my bliss, my joy. What makes me happy and then following it with all my heart. I am also a big fan of affirmations!

10. What is your favorite song to rock out to at the moment?
I totally LOVE music!! And, right now I am diggin’ Video by India Arie (oldie but a goodie ;). I find it to be a beautiful reminder that I am who I am and it is perfect and beautiful.

11. Best time of the day- why?
5 am to 7 am when I wake up and meditate and do my morning rituals! LOVE IT!! I love that most of the world is sleeping and it is so still and peaceful. I find this time to be sacred time for me to connect to Spirit and my deepest goddess self!

12. What's next for Alexandra?
My intention is to continue creating content for with blogs, interviews, videos, podcasts, quotes, and goodness. And, I am currently on a life makeover project of 365 to totally transform my body and my life. I just started it last week and I am blogging about the journey every day. I have a list of some amazing Goddesses I intend to interview on a variety of subjects such as; food/nutrition, love/relationships, movement/fitness, creativity & play, spirituality, healing, beauty and sexuality and sensuality! Fun!!

I intend to continue to design and create my ideal life! This is a passion of mine and goes with following my bliss! To totally love who I am, do what I love and, inspire others to follow their hearts and find creative ways to do what they love!! Imagine what the world would look like if all of us women loved our bodies, our selves and our lives!?! WoW there is so much power in the divine feminine to transform the world and it is a very exciting time for all of us Goddesses to rock it and live our own unique, authentic lives.

Which leads me to a project called We Are Beautiful. My mom and I have a non-profit that we are just getting started with the intention to empower women to be the creator of their lives and fully love and appreciate who they are. More to come on this soon but the website will be! Super excited about this project!! Be Beautiful!

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