Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Speaking of ORGANIC... it's Integrity is Being Questioned

Just a warning - this article from the Washington Post, may infuriate you. It definitely raised my blood pressure. I have long heard hints of organic not always being 100% organic, but I didn't think it could be this bad. Apparently, there are some big loop holes, which big business is finding ways to exploit and in the process watering down the "organic" brand and it's losing it's validity.

It seems simple enough... organic = food/ingredients grown "naturally"- as nature intended them- without chemicals, pesticides, additives, non-GMO, with animals/livestock eating nutrient rich grass free to roam around pasture instead of being confined to a cell. Has it been so long we've forgotten?

We need to pay attention and make sure "organic" is protected. The USDA needs to step it up and be strict. Organic is not hard to define. If these companies want to use synthetic ingredients - it's easy- they do not get to label their product organic! Please find and read this very informative and important article is found HERE.

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