Saturday, February 11, 2012

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden Review

Whilst searching for some of Caroline Myss' books I came across Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, and am hooked.  Her insight, wisdom, energy and writing is captivating and... it just feels so right.  Resonates with all the cells in my body sort of feeling.  :)  I am thoroughly enjoying.  She also has a book specifically for women- Energy Medicine for Women which is en route.  So looking forward to getting it.  If you think energy medicine is a new concept for you- trust me you don't need any specific "experience" to enjoy and learn from this book.  We are all energy- I am sure it will resonate with you too.  :) 

Tip: Always one to preference e-books (space is ever so valuable for city dwellers) I am glad to have gotten the book.  

Here's a snippet:  "Your body is designed to heal itself.  The ability of a body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, amount nature's most remarkable feats.  But you've been placed in a world that systematically interferes with this natural capacity, and your conscious involvement in your health is required if you are to truly prosper.  

This book shows you how to work with the electrical, electromagnetic, and more subtle energies that give your body life.  These energies form the foundation of your health.  They are your body's fuel and its atmosphere.  You were spawned within the earth's electromagnetic, gravitational, and nuclear fields.  You were raised under the sun's life-giving rays.  Your own energy systems, such as your meridians (your body's energy pathways), chakras (your body's energy centers), and aura or biofield (your body's energy atmosphere), emit electromagnetic energy and light.  As you will see, energies that are more subtle than we have know how to measure also dwell within and around you, and they are the key to energy medicine."

Donna discusses these points and the routine in my detail in the book, but thought you might want to check it out.  Try it and see how you feel.  Cheers!

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