Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best Hot Chocolate Recipe! Dairy, Grain, Gluten AND Sugar FREE!

I love when we can completely enjoy things in life... especially so when they are delicious, nutritious and guilt free.  This recipe is simple, quick and you won't ever want that other hot chocolate again. 

Ingredients (all linked to my sources):
Spring water
Cacao Raw Powder
Chocolate Sweet Leaf Stevia Liquid
Cashew Mylk (spring water + cashews blended together)

Optional Ingredients:
Coco Cardio
Organic Rice Protein
Hazelnut Sweet Leaf Stevia Liquid

I use an electric kettle and boil my spring water.  Take your favourite mug and fill 1/2- 3/4 way full with hot spring water and a heaping tablespoon of cacao.  Add in a 1/2- 1 full dropper of Chocolate Stevia Liquid.  Mix together.  Add in cashew mylk.  It should look like the first picture.  :)

Cashew Mylk Recipe: I approximately fill the Vitamix 1/3 with spring water and toss in a handful of raw cashews.  Blend together till smooth.  What's left over goes into a jar and I use for additional hot chocolates.  Trust me there will be many more. 

Optional ingredients...
Coco Cardio: nice blend of cacao and beet root powders.  I will sometimes use that with raw cacao powder or by itself.  It will be red looking, tastes just as good, and has additional health benefits. 

Organic Rice Protein: it's adding protein.  I don't use a lot if I add- can make taste more chalky if you use too much.  Use the right amount and it will taste more like a malt chocolate.

Hazelnut Sweet Leaf Stevia Liquid: I use this all the time actually.  Adding in 1/2 dropper of this along with 1/2 dropper of the Chocolate Liquid Stevia.

As you can see these ingredients are all good for you!  Imagine.  No more of that sugary junk that makes your blood sugar soar.  Nope.  Not on HHB.  :) Enjoy!

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