Monday, September 5, 2011

Body Restoration An Owners Manual

Body Restoration by Michael Lebowitz DC and Ami Kapadia MD is a FANTASTIC book! An owners manual necessary for all who want to claim being the owner of their own body.

This is the table of contents so you can see what is covered.  The book is available on for the Kindle- not sure why they do not have the actual book- but get it.

This reviewer says it well:  Everyone should own this book! Each small chapter contains an in-depth explanation of how all the major organs and glands of the body work. The information is clear enough for patients to understand, while at the same time provides new treatment ideas and clues that even a career long health-professional can put to use. As a holistic Chiropractor and student of Dr. Lebowitz's, this book is helping me to educate patients (and myself) on the complicating factors of organ dysfunction, and lists multiple nutritional supplements to consider. Patients who pick up a copy are understanding more about ulcers, hypo-thyroidism, hormonal imbalances, etc. than ever before, and are eager to try the suggestions in the book. Patients who have all this information in one place are more likely to follow the simple dietary and lifestyle do's and dont's for each condition listed. (Yesterday a patient of mine was reading the book and turned and told her husband: "See, I told you all that coffee you drink is making your stomach worse.") I agree that this book is "An Owners Manual" for the human body.  -Dr. Jeff McCloskey 

 Cheers to knowing more about our bodies and taking care of them!

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