Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pressure Cooking

I realized the posts are scarce of late- haven't had much time lately, but I hope everyone is doing well. :) One thing that has helped me save some time is this wonderful pressure cooker by Fagor. I did a lot of research and think I made a really good choice. It's soooo easy to use and the organic vegetable broth I always make now takes about 30 minutes tops vs the 3 hours the old school way. WOW! I've also used for cooking chickpeas and making a hearty brown rice risotto- all quick and delicious.

I also highly recommend you get this book, Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure, by Lorna J Sass, who apparently is an expert on pressure cooking. She has quite a few books- and not just for those who eat a vegetarian diet. Have fun! And more soon!

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