Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVDs Review

Tracy Anderson's latest work out and sculpting series, Metamorphosis is a good series (more on this below). However, the way it is advertised- "customized for you and your body type" is very misleading as each work out offered: omnicentric, hipcentric, abcentric, and glutecentric are EXACTLY the same.

Direct From Tracy Anderson Method confirming this:
"All of the Metamorphosis programs include the same arm and abs as well as targeting the specific body types. They also include the same 30 minute dance cardio workout and meal plan."

I am not saying the one work out provided will not work for all body types- I am sure they will, but if you are thinking of purchasing more than one "body type" to have access to different "moves"- DO NOT.

That aside, which was kind of a bummer... here's the low down:
This series is bright and light (filmed during the day vs night) and Tracy is happy and smiling throughout. It's easy to watch and that radiance is inviting.

What's included:
- Dance Cardio Workout- 30 minutes (1 DVD)
- Transform Workout 1, 2 and 3- 30 minutes (3 DVD's which you switch up every 10 days for a total of 90 days)
- Dynamic Eating Plan

Similar to Tracy's Perfect Design Series, you have the options to select the full audio mix, music only or Tracy's voice only. Great if you want to listen to your own music, etc.

"Learn to love to sweat." -Tracy Anderson

The 30 Minute Dance Cardio is wonderful! It's easy to follow, learn and you're able to work up a sweat quickly. There are no complicated routines. Lots of jumping around. I love that the workout is a continuous approximate 30 minutes- allowing you to keep going vs stopping your work out rewinding and starting up again as in some of her past cardio workout DVDs.

The video(s) are digitally enhanced- almost as if Tracy was dancing in front of a green screen and they added the background later. You can see from the two pictures above the background is different and it moves (though not distracting) and changes throughout as the 30 minutes go by. It gives added depth, alleviating "boredom" (if you will) and enhancing continuous movement.

The transform work out is a quick 30 minutes- most focusing on the legs while in the plank position therefore working the rest of the body as well. If you have been doing the Mat DVD or the Perfect Design Series I, II, III you might be surprised at how fast this one goes by. You might also be disappointed that there is no warm up and the arms (free + with weights), standing and mat abs are all done in about 10 minutes. I like the ab (on mat) series, but it's also fast. No cool down either. I find myself still switching out and working the first Mat DVD for warming up and cooling down, extra arms and standing abs and PDS series for extra abs.

All in all it's a good addition. Together they are an hour and I think her goal was to jam pack it to fit in most people's lifestyle. It's easier to carve out an hour vs an hour and a half whilst still giving her audience a result it desires. If you have the other work out DVD's you will most likely want to switch them up still but for beginners and even the novices you will still work up a sweat.

Lastly, about the Dynamic Eating Plan... I read it, but am not following it. I don't need help losing weight and I think I eat pretty damn good and have been into health and eating whole nutritious foods for many years now (if you read this blog regularly you probably already got that :)). I am not saying you shouldn't follow it. But if this is your first realm into this sort of thing- you might find the drastic caloric reduction to be quite shocking at first. In her "nutrient boost weeks" you are basically doing a form of a juice/pureed diet- ie no chewing is really involved. I would suggest if anything start with working out regularly and see what you can do and how you feel. You might have those moments when your stomach is growling at you but if you don't feel faint, etc keep going. The great thing is you can always adjust. Listen to your body and have fun! You're going to feel great!

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