Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healthy Breakfast Thoughts + Ideas

(Apples + Raw Almond Butter + Cinnamon)

After I drink as much water as possible, have my probiotics- I have fruit of some sort. For a little bit it was berries and yogurt, and lately it is berries and pears, or an apple and almond butter with cinnamon. In the past it was green smoothies or green juices until after 5 or so years doing that every morning of every day I needed to change it up. Have fun mixing it up.

I like to eat lightest to heaviest throughout the day. Fruit is light and delicious, and your body is just waking up so go easy on it. You don't want to eat fruit after a heavy meal, which gives it the opportunity to ferment on top of the other food - hence poor digestion.

Fruit is the quickest to exit the digestive track and should be eaten alone (especially in the case of melons which are the quickest of all fruits). It can be out of the stomach in less than a half hour. One thing about too much fruit is the whole raising your blood sugar glycemic load. Berries (the darker the better- ie blueberries vs strawberries) out of all the fruits have the least amount of sugar in them. Next time you eat one you'll notice they are not that sweet. The reason you can eat apples with almond butter (fruit and protein generally do not mix) is because apples are full of pectin which keeps them around longer in the stomach. The almond butter also slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream making it another great option. Granny Smith apples and other "sour" varieties have less impact on your glycemic load as well.

Aside from fruit in the morning- a good general rule is to eat protein, protein and carb meals for dinner. This ensures steady blood sugar levels throughout the day and then at night when you eat carbs your body will release seratonin which prompts a good night's rest.

If you have time about a half hour after your fruit meal, have a pouched egg. The protein will curb your hunger.

I know sometimes that can get boring and say you are an oatmeal person. Try quinoa in a nut mylk (this is brazil nut) with cinnamon. It's really taste-y, healthy and gluten free. Maybe you want to skip the fruit and just want eggs. Go for it.

There are lots of options out there. Have fun figuring out what works best for you.

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