Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Guys From Woodbridge

(Photo: Marilynn K. Yee/ NYT)

Unless you are an expert who loves to and can grow your own food, the next best thing is to get your greens locally from an expert who knows what they are doing. I'd like to intro: Two Guys From Woodbridge. Once I started enjoying their green offerings I was hooked and luckily haven't looked back to packaged greens from a grocery (Trader Joes, Whole Foods). In fact, I can't eat the "packaged-I-traveled-1000+ miles-to-get-here" greens anymore. Now they taste funny and I can not believe how long I ate them!

The greens Two Guys From Woodbridge offers is so so good in fact, I will and have traveled there in a snow storm. I have also not eaten greens for a few days to hold out for the good stuff. They grow hydroponically (hence the year round every changing varieties on the East Coast), and it's organic, fresh, local (for NY/East Coast peeps).

Some may balk at the price- each one of those "bouquets" are about $4/each, but I don't need to convince anyone- try them for yourself... I think it's worth it! If you are lucky to be in the city (a la NYC) they are at the Union Square Greenmarket every week on Wednesday and Fridays. Yah!

p.s. two little articles on them I found HERE and HERE.

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