Monday, September 13, 2010

Palm Sugar- Clarification

Clearing up my environmental concerns
re: Palm Sugar in the Superfood Dessert/Trusty Truffles Post HERE.

Good to know and thanks for the clarification. :)

From Navitas Naturals:
Thanks for posting this video! You bring up a very important environmental concern regarding Indonesian palm deforestation - BUT our palm sugar is actually not involved in this travesty. We'd like to help clear up the issue. Palm sugar has been named "the most sustainable sweetener in the world" from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), and here's a few reasons why:
- Palm sugar is NOT made from the same tree species as palm oil.
- These palms produce 50-75% more sugar than sugar cane while using just a fifth of the resources.
- Growing these trees is ecologically beneficial as they grow in diverse agro-ecosystems, help restore damaged soil, and require little water.

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