Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salt Rooms + Halotherapy- Tested

I wrote about Salt Therapy before... and I have now tried it... twice. The protocol: you lounge in a room with sand on the floor and walls that look "salty" for an hour. You breathe deeply and salty particles/air is sent in via a vent. It was not overwhelming, but you can definitely see it.

Other than my nose being a bit itchy afterward, I didn't notice much difference- sort of felt like I did a nasal rinse, but got salt stuck in my nose. Perhaps I needed more treatments? However, I don't have trouble breathing... I did see some people with ventilators attached to them waiting for their session and I hope it helps them a bit more. I am not discounting that it does or does not work (and supposedly it does benefit more than just your breathing)- I just thought I'd share my experience. Worth a shot...

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