Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Metaphysical: Permanent Healing + You Can Heal Your Body

(by: Louise Hay and Dr. Daniel R. Condron, respectively)

I've been wanting to share these books with you for sometime now. I don't know if I can begin to describe how awesome they are. I feel like I've been tapped in a little more if you know what I mean. I first read Louise Hay's, "You Can Heal Your Body". She gives a list of problems/symptoms and gives you reasons why and an affirmation to do for each. The second, "Permanent Healing", does the same, but goes further in the explanation of it all and the science- neurons, electrons and all that.

Yes- we can achieve healing with food, nutrition, supplements, fresh air, etc, but when you peel back all the layers... it seems that our thoughts are really controlling it all. Core stuff, subconscious and super-subconscious. I have highlighted, tabbed, and took notes on so many things I wanted to share, but I think it's better if you read them yourself and apply what makes sense to you and your journey. What every your journey may be I think you will agree it's message and ideas are very powerful, empowering and makes perfect sense. I think you'll also agree everyone would greatly benefit from reading them.

Happy Learning. :)

p.s. I got Louise Hay's book in kindle form, but I would advise you actually buy the book, I was highlighting up the wazoo and for reference it's easier just to flip through the book.

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