Thursday, July 8, 2010

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> As I am waiting for my air plants to arrive... see the above image for inspiration. While searching around I found this site- Viva Terra, which is all about "eco living with style". I fell in love with some of their items which I thought I'd share with you below. A little bit of beauty + zen. Ahhh!

An entire self-sustaining ecosystem thrives within this attractive hand-blown glass sphere: Plants, live shrimp, algae, and micro-organisms. It requires only indirect light and moderate temperatures, and offers hours of fascinating viewing. Each EcoSphere comes with a handbook that explains how it works and how to care for it.

Nothing calms and soothes like the soft gurgling of brook water. We've captured that meditative music in our cairn fountain. Glinting with natural reflective light, the water also brings prosperity according to the ancient art of feng shui.

Native volcanic cinders create an ideal natural habitat for these fascinating tropical plants. Firmly anchored in hand-selected porous rock, these exotic plants have been blessed by a Kahuna (Hawaiian spiritual leader) to bring joy and prosperity to their owners. They send up sensuous shoots, flowers and leaves in brilliant profusion. Easy to care for, the lava holds water like a sponge. Place in bright, indirect light and be prepared for perpetual delight. Stones included. 12"H.

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