Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turks + Caicos... A Slice of Heaven.

If you are looking for a place where you can lounge all day quite peacefully, soak up the sun, wiggle your feet in white sand, and dream sans interruptions... except perhaps to swim in infallible warm water and snorkel about gorgeous coral and pretty fish... look no further than the magnificent Turks and Caicos Islands. I've been camped out here for a bit which is why the posts have been fewer of late. I'm in LOVE with the extra disconnection and it is ALL that I had been dreaming about.

It's an easy flight from New York, and the view from the plane is breathtaking as the islands are perfectly surrounded by turquoise water... once a dream- comes to life. Viola! It is not a "budget" destination by any means. You must be prepared to throw down some nice change.

If you eat a veggie diet be prepared to lose some weight or eat crap. I suggest you bring along some snacks as well. I've inquired a few times, but 'tis true that NOTHING with the exception of a very few coconuts I am trying to get my hands on are grown here. This is due to the high "salt" content of the "soil" making it pretty much impossible to grow anything. EVERYTHING is shipped in and the biggest options involve chicken and fish. Nothing gourmet though I am sure you can find it (I was told Magnolia's was really good), and I would be surprised if anything at the restaurants are organic. It's a good thing I didn't pick this place to eat.

It's not that I don't enjoy eating well, but knowing ahead of time I was able to prepare (ie snacks). Furthermore, I was much more interested in the luxury seclusion T + C offered. Unlike Thailand, which I also quite enjoyed- there are NO hawkers interrupting you every minute trying to sell you their wares and the water is even more pristine. Imagine! It was also a nice surprise not to see any litter on the beaches and I mean NONE. There are few children (precisely none at least where I'm at) and no pets. You seriously can sleep soundly to the crashing of the waves. It's divine.

Oh and if you are wondering what there is to do... this isn't the place for you. Otherwise, I am certain you will find a slice of heaven sans the food right here. :)

p.s. check this post for the full experience. ahhhh!

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