Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turks + Caicos Gourmet Market and An Ugli Salad

(An Ugli Fruit! The uglier the better. It's almost pretty, no?)

Not trying to scare anyone away- though I can see the benefits... definitely keeps some away and perhaps that is why the beaches are so clean? :)

(This was $35 + $20 for cab fare)

This is a holiday unlike others to relax and enjoy. Pristine beaches come at a price. If you are going to freak out over the cost of food, go somewhere else. For those who do partake it's just good to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Here's the breakdown:

Avocados $2.99 each
Fiji Water $2.49 each
Organic Spinach $6.99
Ugli Fruit $2.89
Watermelon $2.99
Mango $1.99 each
Mandarins $0.30 each

Graceway Gourmet
Grace Bay

Other "organic" and healthy options they had were Amy's Kitchen meals, Bob's Red Mill, Garden of Eatin Chips, etc. I can't remember them all but they definitely had more "hip-to-it" items than I expected.

p.s. video can also be viewed on YouTube HERE. Enjoy!

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