Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Garment District Is Like A Coral Reef

Workers making belts at Universal Elliot Corp.
Photo: Michael Nagle/NYT)

Is it just a matter of time before the ethos of localized food production hits fashion? Will fashion miles, like food miles, come to be noted on hang-tags, indicating the distance a garment travels from place of manufacture to point of sale? “We already have the capacity to produce in our backyard,” Ms. Marton said. “Treating it cavalierly is just bad for New York.”

Interesting enough I recently posted about Coral Reefs (being in danger) and Walmart (the disaster it brings to local economies). I was glad to come across this article, Needle and Thread Still Have A Home from the New York Times, which relates to these two and mixes in the element of fashion and the industry in the States- especially in New York City.

Many think fashion is frivolous, but expressing one self has always been a part of human nature. For some a label is important, but I rather enjoy the art, expression, creativity and craftsmanship which fashion entails. As noted in the shared quote... localized food production is not that much different than localized fashion. It's problems are not limited to New York City either... our country as a whole is competing with low costs in China and the like. I am not saying all should be local, but perhaps like food production- the bulk of what you purchase should be in support of localized economies.

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