Monday, April 26, 2010

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices

In my too many Economics classes, I distinctly remember my professors telling us, "nothing in life is ever free. Even if it is free for you- it is costing someone else". I think the same rule applies to cheap... if it is cheap for you- someone else is paying for it.

Today NY Mag posted about Walmart wanting to set up shop in Brooklyn and I CRINGED. One of the many great things about New York City is the abundance of small and local businesses that abound here. If you watch, "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices", I think you'll be cringing as well.

I have never been a regular "Walmart shopper" myself (though I am not putting down anyone who shops there)... it never appealed to me, nor was one ever close by. I liken shopping at Walmart to the difference between buying organic vs gmo-chemical-laden-food... knowledge and perspective. The price difference between organic vs non organic is not that significant. Plus in the long run the effects on the environment and your health actually make it a better bet to pay a little more now for the benefits of later.

I can unfortunately say I did frequent Walmart well more than to my liking while in a small town in timbuktu- Minnesota. What's interesting is practically everyone in this town shops at Walmart- farmers and all, which I always thought was weird since many of them can grow their own food or buy from their neighbor- a local farmer. What I found most crazy and sad is- as you'll see from this video is they think they are getting a deal, but in reality they are ruining their own economy.

I did not watch this film in it's entirety, but almost and enough to get the point. I felt majorly nauseated after watching it. Support your local businesses and keep dishonest retailers like Walmart out. How is it possible to sell a shirt for $2.00? Where does it come from? Who is making it? Is this ecologically responsible? And guess who's tax dollars are paying welfare for the employees of Walmart??? Their low prices aren't helping anyone. The benefits are short sighted. View for yourself and remember you get to vote everyday with the purchases you make. Cheap is never just cheap.

The video can also be viewed and downloaded on Google HERE.

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