Sunday, May 16, 2010

I LOVE My Bike + Bike Accessories

Yes it is true. I love my bike. I am so glad I got it and have been enjoying riding it around town discovering new areas and paying attention to streets in a way I haven't since I drove a car on a regular basis.

I did get some other accessories and wanted to share with you... Again, it's a nice little investment, but worth the safety and the safe keeping for peace of mind. If you do it right- you only have to do it once.

Kryptonite New York 1210 Bicycle Chain Lock/Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock
Yes it looks and IS a monster. About 10lbs! Heavy and heavy duty. I was quite concerned about the extra weight, but after doing tons of research, I found it is across the board regarded as the best out there. Aside from the weight, it's a really good deterrent to keep those nasty bike thieves away. I'll admit I haven't used it yet (haven't had too) and I am toying with exchanging for a Kryptonite New York U Lock. It is REALLY heavy.

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1007 Bicycle Security Cable
I use this one with the other to lock up the seat, etc. It's sad, but almost every moving part is a target. Extra precaution is necessary.

Cateye EL-135 + TL-LD130R Bicycle Headlight and Tail Light Combination
Nice little lights. They are easily removable. When you leave and lock up your bike- you must take them with you. Not bright enough for the off beaten track, but the cars can see you with these on. I still hope to get some extra reflectors for at night.

Blackburn Mountain Bike Mirror
This goes over your handle bar. No cutting required. There are quite a few that screw into the end of the handle bar and you have to cut into the rubber. I am not ready to do that so this one works better for me. Has a nice little velcro strap you can use to stabilize- also making it easily removable. With all the traffic- it helps.

That's it for now folks! Happy safe + fun biking!

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