Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park has been in the works for 25 years! If you live or have visited Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo or the East side of Manhattan you probably have wondering what the heck they are doing over there??!

Recently, Pier One opened (right next to Dumbo) and it's quite massive. Lots of people out enjoying it these past few days- being that it's been superbly gorgeous out. It's my favourite walk around town.

(A work in progress/ Image from here)

I love that they are adding green spaces. Not sure what effects making "fake" land are going to have on the environment, but let's hope it's positive. A little weary on the crowd factor, but hopefully that too won't be so bad either. Brooklynites like Brooklyn because it is a nice quaint neighborhood sans tourists.

However, if you are in town (ie Dumbo)... a couple of great places to check out are:

Grimaldi's for the best pizza ever. Serious line however, so go during the day if possible or plan to wait. There is another pizza place around the corner... don't bother- horrible service and their pizza is mediocre at best.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory right on the pier there... it's famous and good, though not sure if I would wait in that long line however.

The Brooklyn Flea on the weekends for all those treasured finds.

Almondine for the best croissants ever! The chocolate almond one- to die for!

p.s. The video can also be found on YouTube HERE.

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