Sunday, February 14, 2010

Less War. More Peace. Let's Make it Happen.

"The wars in the world are outward manifestations of the war that rages inside each of us; charity and change truly begin at home." -Kelly Cutrone

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Kelly Cutrone's book. I highly recommend you read it. You may think she is mean or what not, but I am telling you this woman has allot of heart and soul and she shares some very wise (she's lived and learned) advice.

This quote of her's I share with you above really resonated with me- especially with all that I have been learning and experiencing. There are plenty of people (I am not saying I am perfect- I try very hard not to be this way) who continually point out the negative and are critical of what others are doing, but this is just coming from inside of them. Shows us where they/we/you are.

All of us need to only focus a little more on the positives of everything. We need to look inside ourselves (love thy self) for us to move from the negative to the positive... there will be less wars. It's as simple and as hard as that.

Think about it.

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