Friday, February 5, 2010

Basis: Good Food For All

Daily Candy had a little bit about BASIS. Basis is all about affordable + sustainable produced sourced from small farms which is now delivered to your home or office. This intrigued me. Here are some tidbits from their site...

Basis Farm to Chef: We are committed to helping farmers we work with find a market for all the good food they produce. We provide delivery, storage, and marketing services for farmers interested in selling their products directly to wholesale customers, including the 20,000+ restaurants and good food retailers in New York City.

Basis Good Food Market: We are opening a new chain of small-format retail stores, starting in New York City, that will only sell good food. No toilet paper. No twinkies. Just good food at affordable prices.

Good food is traditional. Food should be delicious, healthy, and wholesome. Food should be grown by farmers, not engineered by scientists. Food should be prepared in local kitchens, not processed in far-away factories.

Good food is localized. Who, where and how food is produced matters. Food should be sourced with intent. The days of treating food as an anonymous commodity are over. An apple grown in China, picked before it’s ripe and shipped across the planet, is most decidedly not the same as an apple grown with care by a local farmer and delivered to market the same afternoon it is picked. Provenance matters!

Good food is 100% traceable. Finding good food can be a challenge. Finding out where it comes from is even more of a challenge. We want people to know as much as possible about where their food comes from. Maybe it’s because our moms told us to never take food from strangers, or maybe it’s just because we think food tastes better when you know who grew it and where it came from.

Good food is affordable. Our motto is: good food for all! We think everyone should have access to good food at fair prices.

When: Order by Fri. prior to the week of delivery.
Where: E-mail; call 212-334-5544.

I haven't tried the service just yet... I receive my first shipment from UdderMilk this Sunday. Looking forward...

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