Thursday, January 21, 2010 is a great resource for residents on the East Coast... specifically those in New York and New Jersey. I have not ordered anything just yet... but am planning to. They are a co-op on wheels providing their customers goods fresh from the farm. They also sell grass fed beef, etc. Some items I am interested in are below and once I order I will let you know. And for those not in this area, I am sure something such as this does exist in your area. If you know about resources such as these please share in the comments. I know everyone will appreciate.

REALLY REALLY LOCAL RAW HONEY This is the best honey for the Northern New Jersey, Rockland County, Westchester County, New York City folks to eat . It's more local than the other honey we get from the south of new Jersey and from Pennsylvania. This honey was collected the end of July 2009. It takes in all the flowers from spring/summer 2009. If you suffer from allergies ,next year, two weeks before the blooms begin in the spring start eating the honey daily 2-5 teaspoons. This should lessen your symptoms. If no allergies, well this is great to eat anyway because you have the pollen from this region to help you with colds in general throughout the winter months.

Heavy Cream (Raw + Organic) Extra thick cream (will stick to your spoon ! ) Has many uses...........Great for whipping to make butter cream icings, Butter itself (it yields about 1pound and 1/4 of butter) even a dollop of the whipped cream in your coffee is tastier than just pouring straight cream in, it makes like a cappuccino effect,and of course ice cream. The same goes for the lite cream. Except the lite cream yields about 1 pound of butter. Cream density will sometimes vary depending on the season.

EGGS (Organic pastured) Our eggs have really orange yokes. That's an indication of high Omega fats in the yoke. That's because they love to eat the grass and the bugs. Keep in mind chickens eat grain also THEY ARE NOT ALL GRASS FED. They are one of two farm animals that HAVE to have grain in their diet ,the other being the goat.This is like this anywhere you go don't think otherwise. The grain is GMO free, no soy and the grain has alfalfa in it in large amounts. When weather permitting the chickens are eating grass and bugs and soil. They run around everywhere, even in the wintertime but they cant access the grass and bugs, they do try though in areas where the snow has melted. We have to be careful when we leave the farm that we don't run over them. We also have a different egg that has a higher amount of Omega's in the yoke they are a bit more orange-er and are 1 dollar more per dozen. Both eggs in the winter (as they are not on pasture anymore have supplement of alfalfa in their grain, this is what creates the most orange yoke- the greens.

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