Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ashley Borden Demonstrates Her Fitness Techniques

(Photo: Ryan Forbes)

Ashley Borden, star trainer, demonstrates her fitness techniques on What caught my eye was this picture (above) and this claim... "But by doing rolling out every day before your workouts, your legs will not only feel much lighter, they will also begin to de-bulk."

Borden is using a PVC pipe. I've used the softer-sided foam cylinders for rolling out before and thought they were painful enough- so I suggest you try them first and see how you feel before investing in a big 'ol PVC pipe. But I am excited to try this again. I think the Tracy Anderson Matt method really helps de-bulk as well, but this might just be an added bonus.

(Photo: Ryan Forbes)

I also liked that Borden talked about the benefits of rebounding. It has been on my list... so one of these days I'll bite the bullet and get one. I just always wonder how often I will really use it...

"Even though it looks easy, 10 minutes of concentrated, balanced bouncing elevated my heart rate equivalent to that of running a couple of miles on the treadmill. In addition to firming your body, rebounding is also highly beneficial for your internal health. A boost to your lymphatic system and a stimulus to your internal organs, rebounding is also recommended for being such a low-impact workout."

You can find Borden's complete series of fitness techniques HERE. Sculpt, de-bulk and rebound away!

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