Sunday, January 17, 2010

60 Minutes: Resurrecting the Extinct

I'm behind on my 60 Minutes (if you can believe it), and I just watched last week's episode. The segment, Resurrecting the Extinct- well I had to post about it. I have mixed feelings and concerns about this...

Stahl poses the question- should we be doing this? Dr. Betsy Dresser says if she had to choose between cloning and extinction she would choose cloning. I prefer action. Let's be pro-active so we don't have to be cloning and we don't have extinction.

I understand part of Dr. Dresser's actions are her trying to be proactive, but I just think it offers a bad long term solution... I think people might just rely on this rather than working to make what's wrong now right. You know what I mean? Sort of backwards round about way, when the solution is quite simple.

I also think extinction is sometimes a natural occurrence in life (ie natural selection)... aside from what us humans do to not make it so (chemicals, pesticides, messing up the natural water cycle, etc etc). We need to better integrate nature and all of our man made hooey! Watch this and let me know what you think.

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