Friday, December 4, 2009

Lady M Crepe Cakes + Sugar

(Lady M's signature cake)

We all know sugar is not good for our bodies... even though our taste buds love it. It's safe to say though we enjoy each bite, over doing it reeks havoc on the body. However, I think it's important to also enjoy life and indulge sometimes. Key word being sometimes.

My sometime happened the other day at Lady M Confections, rightfully known for their crepe cakes. Ridiculously divine and looking back I can't believe I almost didn't opt for a crepe cake (they have a ton of other cakes too)!

I had what looked like the above picture, plus a little chocolate dust sprinkled on top. Mine was the seasonal "mocha" and I am still thinking about it. Every bite was heaven. Each cake is made fresh- with no less than 20 paper-thin hand made crepes layered with ethereally light and creamy custard. It's a definite "sometime" for all of us.

P.S. If you want... you can read some more about the ills of sugar HERE.

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