Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why Probiotics

(Ultra Flora Plus DF by Metagenics and Arrabinogalactans by Pure Encapsulations)

I am a big fan and have been taking probiotics ("for life") on a regular basis for a couple of years now. Prior to, I had no idea really what they were or how important they are. I've mentioned previously (and it has been medically stated), that 80% of our immunity lies in our gut.

Most of our guts have been pretty wrought due to taking antibiotics ("against life") and eating a diet filled with refined unnatural and processed foods, which leads to an imbalance and allows bad guys to over take the good guys.

My wonderful doctor likes to say, "the gut is suppose to be a meadow- not a cesspool". Yeast, fungus, heavy metals, and parasites, are not suppose to be in there.

It has been asked many times, "why do you need to take them daily"? Since they colonize, grow and multiply it would seem that you shouldn't need to take them as often. A good analogy is that of the compost bin. In order to get healthy soil you have to keep putting in good stuff to feed it- constantly.

We live in today's world, which is filled with pollution, bacteria, and have eaten an abundance of processed and unnatural foods. Generally we all have unhealthy guts and it takes time to clear this up (even with the most pristine diet- still takes time).

When you take probiotics you are interfering with the food supply of yeast - limiting what they and other "bad guys" have to eat. Arrabinogalactans metabolize butyric acid, which produces colonocytes (short chain fatty acids). Colonocytes are intrinsic tissues of the colon, which also feeds the "good guys"- they love it and it heals them.

There are allot of probiotics out there... some have FOS (Fructooligosaccharides, which are a sugar polymer that our bodies cannot digest. Also, FOS and probiotics do not get along) and others SBOs (Soil Based Organisms). In my humble opinion... stay away from these. Do some research. And take your probiotics!

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