Monday, July 13, 2009

Truck Farm by Wicked Delicate

Are you perhaps one of those people who lives in a big city without any land, but you have a truck? Well TRUCK FARM (by Wicked Delicate) might be your solution to growing your own food. Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis who you may remember from the documentary film, King Korn are at it again. This time they've combined green roof technology, organic compost and heirloom seeds to create a living and mobile green garden in Brooklyn, NY.

If you sign up for $20 you get a DVD of the short film TRUCK FARM, an invitation to the WD Truck Farm Summer Picnic, and a completely unknowable amount of truck-fresh produce.

Please check out their site HERE. In addition to their great videos and a wealth of information, there is inspiration... you may not have a truck, but I bet this story got you thinking outside the box... growing your own food even in a big city is really possible.

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