Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rockin Raw Grand Opening

We had the chance to stop in for the grand opening of "Rockin' Raw" by Mama Rosa, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York. Their cuisine is organic, live, vegan (with exception to some items with honey) and has a "peruvian-new-orleanian-creole with soul" twist to it.

What we had was yummy... not sure exactly as we didn't have menus, and they were passing out loads of free hor d'oeuvres and drinks for every one to try. I do know we had the "Tamarind Juice". I remember this because I always think of South Park's Mr. Hanky when I hear "tamarind", because they closely resemble each other. Haha! Tamarind are actually very sweet and made a nice juice.
(The chef- hard at work)

Definitely a cute place filled with a good mix of friendly people and a pretty cool outdoor space. If you are in the hood you should check it out or make your way over yonder. You can tell a little bit from the pictures that it was a gorgeous evening- everything was aglow! Go RawkinRaw!

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