Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chaga Hot Chocolate Recipe

Chaga hot chocolate is REALLY good and according to Daniel Vitalis and others, it is very good for you (medicinal, full of antioxidants, great for the immune system, etc).  If you make it this way- it's not only delicious, but low glycemic so you won't be spiking your blood sugar.  Additionally, if you like coffee- chaga has a similar taste sans the bad effects.

Take a piece(s) of chaga...  These are from Keystone Herbs and boil in spring water till boiling- then simmer for 5 minutes.  Drain thru a strainer into a mug and add a tablespoon of cacao powder.  Use xyiltol, green stevia, coconut sugar or liquid stevia* to sweeten.  Top off with a little coconut milk (not coconut water) and mix well.  Enjoy!

*I have been a huge advocate of liquid stevia.  I do really like it... and still think it's better vs the regular refined sugars.  However, I have been hearing more and more that it is refined to be more potent and sweeter- so just keep that in mind.  And I am on the search for green stevia- apparently less refined.

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