Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spring Water Delivered

I have been advocating and luckily drinking spring water for quite a few years now, thanks to Daniel Vitalis and his  It's the B-E-S-T.

For many, this might not be an easy option. However, there are other options...

Option One: I highly recommended the Berkey Filter, which I think everyone should have on hand even just as a safety precaution (*ahem* Hurricane Sandy and highly chlorinated water).  I use Berkey filtered water for cooking (along with my aquasana shower filter) and drink in those rare instances I do not have spring water.  It produces safe and good tasting water.

Option Two: I have been using a spring water delivery service- straight from the Adirondacks!  They know what's up: "people still ask where does the water come from? It is called the great Hydrologic Cycle".  It's clean, crisp, refreshing and just as good if not better than Stokes.  As much as I like to get a break from the city- now it's all about pure enjoyment vs having to make the trip for water.  If interested, contact: and let him know Dawn sent you his way.  They are in the midst of updating their "branding", but you can visit them HERE.

If you don't live in the New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas- I am sure there will be other spring water deliveries popping up soon.  Clean water for all.  Cheers!

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