Monday, December 31, 2012


On the eve of the New Year I always take time to reflect on the year and put goals in place for the new one.  I've been doing this for many years now and I think it greatly helps define and direct one's success in achieving their goals... before it's too late.  

My Grandfather, whom I was extremely close to passed recently.  He lived a grand 93 years and was with family and friends till the end.  We all read this book: Learning How to Let Go by Mary Beth Willi.  A hospice nurse recommended it- said she had read many and this was the best one out there.  It was a tremendous help.  Identifies stages of dying physically and spiritually.  The author has been a hospice nurse for many years and recognized familiar patterns/stages in the dying process- it's a process we all go through. It is so interesting.  This book brings knowledge so you understand exactly what is going on and also a comfort that they are ok.  In our experience, the book was spot on and witnessed many things we wouldn't have recognized had we not read the book.  Part of it is on Google Reader too HERE. I recommend to all.  

Though 93 years may seem like a long time, when you're there- it doesn't seem that long.  
Think we can all relate.


Spend time with those you love and cherish.  
Do the things in this life you want to do.  
Enjoy it!

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