Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why Aren't There Any Twinkies?

You may have heard... "the seemingly imperishable Twinkie finally may have an expiration date". Hostess is declaring bankruptcy and many have been rushing out to purchase (no- not me) twinkies, etc to find empty shelves.  Apparently they're popping up on eBay.  

Save yourself the stomach ache.   Rocks and petroleum are mostly what's in them- read more here.  It's unfortunate for jobs lost, but it's a very good sign... One of the reasons credited to their downfall: failure to adjust to demands for healthier foods.  Now twinkies are not the only "bad" treat out there, but it's quite significant.  

I remember Hostess well.  As a kid we would get them occasionally as treats.  I do remember them being good- but if I had known what I was eating- I wouldn't have. I haven't had anything Hostess for over a decade and think it's best no one else does as well.  Do not eat poison.  Eat something good that will nourish your body- your home.  Yes these things exist.  Hostess is only good for nostalgia.  

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