Sunday, October 7, 2012

Health is Freedom

Most people would say their freedom is very important to them, and many do not realize they take it for granted. You risk your freedom when you do not take care of your health (physical, spiritual, emotional) and I think this world could use a little more balance and awareness in regards to its importance. 

I had the pleasure of attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition's September Conference (group stretch).  It was inspiring, informative, and wonderful to meet so many like minded individuals who are here to help and support others with their health goals (if they choose to go on that journey).  We enjoyed wonderful lectures from Andrea Beaman, Daniel Amen, Mark Bittman, John Douillard, and many more, plus the amazing Joshua Rosenthal, who made all of this possible.  
When I first started thinking about going to school for a "nutrition" degree I had looked into quite a few schools and debated back and forth for some time, because I was unsure if I wanted and needed to know for example how the body's entire chemistry works (as my wonderful doctor does).  Perhaps one day I will... but I realized I didn't need to know that in order to be an amazing health coach.  A health coach is different than a doctor.  Did you know medical doctors only receive 25 hours of instruction on nutrition?  Health coaches support clients in ways doctors cannot.

In short, I am very glad I began with IIN.  I love their stance on bio-individuality and holistic health. They know that diet is important, and they know others aspects such as relationships and spiritual practice play a vital role in one's health too. Yes- I knew a lot going into the program, but I have also learned a lot.  There is always more to learn...  Another major plus for IIN is the support they offer each student to build a practice.  They want you to be successful.  As an ambassador of IIN, I will share offers for enrollment from time to time.  I mostly share on facebooktwitter, and instagram so please be sure join me there too.  Hopefully, come November I will send out HHB's first edition of a monthly newsletter, so please sign up here.

Interested in working with a health coach?  Or know someone who might be?  :) You can learn more about my program here.  Want to learn more about IIN's program and/or being a health coach?  For all inquiries please write:  

Let's celebrate our health and freedom!  Cheers!

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