Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis Trampoline (Rebounding) Cardio DVD Workout Review

I was super happy to receive my Tracy Anderson Mini-Trampoline (rebounding) Cardio workout as it has been on back order for about a month.

I have been rebounding on a daily basis for almost a year now.  Mostly with my own routine of jumps and kicks whilst watching TV or listening to music or an audio.  From time to time I kick it up and will use Tracy's YouTube trampoline workout, which is awesome- just quite intense and probably intimidating for one starting out.  It is also broken up into parts and not as fluid. The DVD rebounding workout seems easier or rather more user friendly vs her YouTube one.  If you are familiar with her Metamorphosis Cardio workout you will find it is practically the same... just adapted for the rebounder, which makes sense since it is part of the same series.  It has a simple grey computer generated background.

Unlike the other Metamorphosis DVDs... you do you not have control over the setting selections ("full audio mix, music only, tracy's voice only"). There are in fact no selections aside from "play".  The workout is 30 minutes.  For the entire 30 minutes the music is on- same track that is on the cardio workout.  For the first 3 minutes you have Tracy's voice talking about the workout. After so many times using the DVD I am sure some will tire of the message... but at least it's only 3 minutes long.  You have the option of muting and using your own music.

My rebounder is by Jumpsport, which I LOVE and use almost daily (review/details HERE).  It has bands vs coils as is as quiet as a rebounder (mini trampoline) can get.  Rebounding has many benefits and I have become somewhat addicted in a good way to the bounce.  Though I really like her cardio workout, I cannot currently use due to insufficient insulated floors and I prefer rebounding.

I rebound barefoot.  I do not wear shoes as she does.  I am into barefoot running/research that has come out and thought I would share as it might work for some of you.  Tracy does all her workouts in shoes.

All in all I am glad I purchased the DVD.  Some will prefer just to jump on their rebounder and come up with their own routines as I have, but it's nice to have a cleaner version of her workout. Tracy's intensity definitely brings your workout up and rebounding is so beneficial to your health.  I think it's worth $30.  Cheers!

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