Monday, January 9, 2012

Gorgeous Lentil Soup Pressure Cooker Recipe

This Lentil Soup is Gorgeous!  And not just because I made it.  ;)  But it's quick (by way of pressure cooking), simple, tasty and good for you.  Looking at this picture makes my mouth water.

Using the pressure cooker:

1 whole onion diced
Saute in 1 stick of butter till sweated + glistening
Add 2-2.5 cups pre-soaked + rinsed lentils, chopped celery, carrots, parsley and 1 bay leaf
Add spring water till pot is 3/4 way full.
Bring to high heat.
Pressure cook under high heat for 12 minutes. 
Slow pressure release.
Viola! Lentil Soup with vegetables!

Optional: I like to add kalamata olives, avocado slices and a few chips.

It's SO SO GOOD (gluten + grain free too).  Enjoy!

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