Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Tracy Anderson: Cardio Workout Review

Looks like fun, right? It is! Since it's been colder out- I just can't run like I was. This is another great way to work up your heart rate. This image is from cardio work out #2 on her Beginner Dance Cardio DVD. I have a couple of her cardio DVDs and I found most of them not to be hard, but limiting space wise. Plus, she is teaching you from a front view so when they turn, etc it is backwards and I want something quick. In a perfect scenario they will make a video from behind same as when you learn in a dance class. In any case, this one is fantastic for all those reasons: you don't need that much space, it's super easy, and does the trick. There were a couple of videos online I wanted to share - but alas they have been flagged. If they pop up again I will post. Cheers!

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