Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park- Update

Brooklyn Bridge Park- especially Pier One is really hopping.
It almost seems like it's been here forever.
Really well maintained and as lush as possible.

This is from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights and you can see the wee bit of green to the left- that is Pier One. All these other "islands" of concrete out into the water- they will also one day be parks.

From the Promenade... still quite a distance away.

Some of the grounds. No pets allowed. Nice!

Though we had some killer HOT days,
we've enjoyed the most perfectly sunny breezy days this year.
It's been lovely.

Cute little wine + refreshment stand.

You can sort of see here how they are joining the "parks" together. The wood stumps out in the water will house another park. There are designated bike and walking paths. Yah!

Pier 2 will have a tidal pool and sound dam.

Pier 4 will be a beach!

Will be interesting... I was a little concerned at first, but it all seems pretty low key and although man made it's nice to see loads of greenery. NY is really good at putting up buildings, but most here are wanting more greenery. Alas, what the universe wants- it gets. I'm very happy with their aesthetics too... it doesn't have that Vegas- over the top sort of feel (yah!), which it so easily have been, but that is so NOT NY. If you are in town, you might want to check it out. Oui!

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