Wednesday, August 11, 2010

LOW Glycemic Chocolate Recipes Using Xyiltol: Like Reese's, Ice Cream + Truffles

One of the hardest indulgences for me to give up is chocolate... though I have in the past believe it or not. The longest stint without was for about 2+ months straight. After some time you sort of forget about it, but chocolate is one of those things I've always loved, don't want to forget, and enjoy indulging in.

In my quest to eat a lower low glycemic, natural, nutritious and more local diet, I have also been playing around with chocolate recipes to share that would allow one to indulge whilst also keeping the blood sugar steady.

All of these recipes utilize Xyiltol, which is an alcohol sugar derived from the fibrous parts of plants (most commonly birch trees and corn). It's natural, is without fillers, agents and additives. The biggest plus aside from still being "natural" is it truly has a negligible effect on blood sugar levels (ie it's low on the glycemic index) just like stevia, but it doesn't have the weird-you-have-to-get-used-to-it taste stevia has. It also is low in calories. The Xyiltol molecule contains only 5 carbon atoms rather than 6 like most other sugars- this molecular difference is the key to Xyiltol's beneficial qualities. It is also thought to reduce tooth decay (I have a toothpaste with xyiltol in it). One most important thing to note is being it's an alcohol sugar- it may require a brief period of tolerance adjustment. Start using gradually. I personally have not experienced a problem, but fyi.

Some will ask why I am using Xyiltol instead of "more" natural items such as honey, maple syrup, dried apricots, dates and the like? Although these items are natural- they are also are known to raise your blood sugar levels quite quickly. Am I saying not to enjoy them at all? Definitely not, but in moderation. It's really easy to think oh it's natural and not think twice about it, but unfortunately there are many aspects to take into consideration. Don't go crazy with Xyiltol either, but it doesn't carry the same worry as the others. Another option is to use Xyiltol with another "sweetener".

Since we are being smart with our money... I've listed here the prices of the ingredients. Out of this lot you will be able to make many many batches of all three recipes listed. It's a deal to make them yourself.

Raw Cacao 16oz $13.97 (Iherb)
Raw Coconut Oil 54oz $23.95 (Iherb)
XyloSweet 1lb $6.64 (Iherb)
Himalayan Sea Salt 12oz $7.83 (Iherb)
Canned Coconut $0.99 x 2 = $1.98 (Trader Joes)
Raw Almond Butter $5.99 (Trader Joes)
Cocao Butter Wafers 1lb $12.00 (Mountain Rose Herbs)

Like Reese's... only better!
This was the first raw chocolate item I ever made- though originally I made them with agave. We are also using raw almond butter instead of peanut butter. Though, I adore peanut butter I limit my intake as it contains arachidonic acid, which stimulates the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and leucotrienes through in the COX (cyclooxgenase) and LOX (lipoxygenase) enzyme conversion process. Too much arachidonic acid content in the body leads to a tendency to over-respond with inflammation during a healing and repair process.

YouTube Video can be found HERE.

Choc-o-late Ice Cream!
Who doesn't like ice cream? You can have delicious raw, vegan (no dairy + egg free) and vegetarian (using eggs) options in approximately 35 minutes.

YouTube video can be found HERE.

Chocolate Truffles
Truffles are so simple and super quick to make and that is probably why if you search you will find there are TONS of recipes out there for them. I think you'll really like these. I haven't had a chance to put together the video so in the meantime the simple recipe is below.

- 1 Cup Cacao
- 1 Cup Cacao Butter
- 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
- 5 Tablespoons Xyiltol
- A dash or two of Sea Salt

Put all ingredients in a blender or if the Cacao Butter is already melted you can mix together by hand. The mixture will be quite thin so place in fridge till it gets thicker. Roll into balls. Roll balls into garnishes as desired. Some options... coconut shavings, almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts, more cacao... use your imagination- endless options. :)

I think you will agree that all of these recipes are simple, delicious, and satisfying. In addition to being super easy to make- the cost is quite minimal. The love you put into making your own food is unmatchable to any you could possibly purchase. Plus it's the freshest and you know exactly what's in it. Once you eliminate or strictly limit "sugar", the cravings will subside... even for chocolate. :)

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