Friday, July 16, 2010

Hold the Dairy Please. Moo!

That's right. Moo! I was breaking out a bit on my forehead. Not fun. Not good. I couldn't understand why when my skin had been so clear. I thought perhaps it was emotional, hormonal, and the like... but as soon as I cut out all dairy- it cleared up. Dairy was the only big difference or big change I made to my diet and I think I was enjoying myself too much. Too much cheese and ice cream treats... and too much for my body. I still am giving myself the option of eating a wee bit of yogurt here and there, but otherwise I am holding off on all other dairy for the time being.

Sonya Dakar coincidentally recently tweeted: "skin tip: avoid dairy- especially if you are acne prone- it causes mucus & also leads to breakouts!"

Dairy can be great for some - esp if it is raw, farm fresh, and fermented (kefir + yogurt), but I think overall most people probably have a problem with it (lactose) and don't realize it.

Another dietary reason for breakouts could be too much fat and too much sugar. Fat is way better than sugar, and necessary, but we don't need that much fat either. I am a firm believer that what we need most of is vegetables- lots of them, berries, and greens. They are au natural, good for you, and low on the glycemic index... the body loves this. For the rest- as the saying goes... In moderation.

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