Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farm Series III: Blooming Hill Farm + Basis

(Guy Jones, Owner Blooming Hill Farm
Image: Basis)

My recent outing to Blooming Hill Farm inspired this Farm Series. I am sure there will be others, but I happened to come across all these "farm things" right about the same time so why not put them in a series? :)

YouTube video can be viewed HERE.

My hat goes off to all farmers... especially to those utilizing natural growing practices (no chemicals, pesticides, etc). I am quite impressed with Blooming Hill Farm. I knew farming was hard and dirty work (that is why most people left farming for urban city life), but I was reminded of just that during my visit.

It was already quite HOT out, and where their black soil fields are- it gets up to 120+ degrees! Most everything is picked and planted by hand- they do not use machines (why? types of produce they grow + they integrate most of their plantings for soil benefits and natural pest resistance) and this takes more time. More time sweating in the hot sun and a longer turn around time... more TLC all the way around. This is a very good reminder of why we pay a little more for the good stuff. This sort of produce vs the standard conventional grown and shipped in from Mexico or where ever it's coming from is NOT the same. You can't compare it.

Guy Jones, owner of Blooming Hill Farm told us in order to compete they had to add volume as they were still only able to charge the same amount for basil (for example) as they did 10 years ago and the conventional guys are able to charge less even with shipping it half way across the world. Add in very fair wages, the unpredictable weather, etc- it's hard work.

(Image: Basis)

Whether you can grow a little, some or most of your food we can all integrate more sustainable practices by eating locally and in season. We all like to and need to eat (ha!) - and we need to support local farms, not only because our food supply is dwindling, but because we deserve the very best.

The great news is there are CSA's (community supported agriculture) popping up everywhere- where if you cannot get to your local farmers market they can deliver it to you. Please visit to find one near you.

Basis is just one of a few in New York and right now you can get started by visiting HERE. Enter code: "HHB" for $10 worth of good food credits. They also put together some fun farm tours. Be sure to check out their page HERE for more details.

Happy Eating... Locally! :)

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