Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clean Food By Terry Walters

I really really LOVE this book, Clean Food by Terry Walters, and what it is about... seasonal, healthy + clean eating. A dear friend shared it with me almost a year ago and just recently I have been able to explore it further. Below are a few of the author's thoughts so you can get a feel for the tone. I should mention the recipes are vegan, but aside from the very minimal use of soy (my only objection) I was very happy this wasn't branded as "vegan". Whether you eat meat, fish or the like you can still eat clean. And I think everyone would really enjoy her recipes. I especially LOVE the "Sweet Potato, Corn and Kale Chowder"- YUM!

- What we know for sure is that the more our food is processed, the more its natural nutrients are lost. This means that the best way to nourish ourselves is with clean food eaten as close to the source as possible.

- Lasting changes and health improvements are not found in fad diets. They are achieved by listening to your body, making healthy choices in diet and exercise to achieve balance on a daily basis, eating as cleanly as possible and discovering the formula that best serves your unique composition.

- Let Go. (Part of her 9 Ways to Improve Health and Well-being- I loved them all, but this one sums it up well). It is just food, after all. What you see isn't always what you get, and we can't make good choices unless we have good information. But overemphasis on food and diet isn't healthy either. Don't let the food control you. Put it in a healthy place, and nourish yourself lavishly with all that life has to offer.


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