Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010

Pretty cool!

Have you been watching the World Cup?

Last year I was traveling and thus years prior my English/Spanish friend dragged me to the local pub with her to check it out. Being that she is from the other side of the Pond it was a big deal for her to see it and I am glad I got to go with her. I've never really been a sports person, but I definitely enjoyed it all while we devoured our English breakfast (minus the sausage for me).

If you are in the whereabouts of New York, you might want to pop over to the Archways in Dumbo and check it out for a little something different. It's family friendly, and although there is no drinking allowed- it was still lots of fun for everyone. They had a great turn out and it's was nice and cool under all that stone. If you have a lounge chair you may want to bring it as seating is limited. Please check the schedule below as not all games will be shown.

Location: The Archway, under the Manhattan Bridge

Saturday, June 12
9:30 AM | Argentina v. Nigeria
2:00 PM | England v. USA

Saturday, June 19
9:30 AM | Ghana v. Australia
2:00 PM | Cameroon v. Denmark

Saturday, June 26
9:30 AM | Round of 16 (1st A v. 2nd B)
2:00 PM | Round of 16 (1st C v. 2nd D)

Saturday, July 3
9:30 AM | Quarterfinals (Winners 52 v. 51)
2:00 PM | Quarterfinals (Winners 55 v. 56)

Sunday, July 11
1:30 PM | Final

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